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Running Board Set, Deluxe, Beetle, Split, 1949-51, Mounted

Running Board Set, Deluxe, Beetle, Split, 1949-51, Mounted


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Never available before we now introduce the mounted running boards to our line. If you ever tried to install a set Running Board Mats you know how time-consuming this is. Not only that but you could eventually run into trouble during the installation and go as far as ruining the expensive mats you purchased.

We now solved this for you by offering these ready to install running boards. What you get: our known quality running boards + high quality powder coating + correct year mats.

Our running boards are the best year-specific reproduction in the market, meaning that it has been created with an incredible attention to detail and accuracy to match the original running board set used during this specific period.

This specific 1949-51 version for the Deluxe Split Beetle features round holes for the aluminum trim clips and the correct ribbed "V" profile running board mats.

They are made out of a very strong 1.2mm sheet metal, which provides durability and sturdiness to the running board. This metal is thicker and more durable than any other reproductions. This type of material ensures that the running boards will be durable and long-lasting, and can withstand the wear and tear of use.

They also feature the correct deep inner reinforcement stampings, which provide additional strength and support to the running board and have the exact rounded shapes just like the originals at every length of the running board, which is almost never the case with other reproductions. This level of accuracy ensures that the running board set looks and fits just like the original, enhancing the overall appearance and value of your classic Beetle.


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