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Running Board Reinforcements, Short, Beetle, Split, up to 1949

Running Board Reinforcements, Short, Beetle, Split, up to 1949


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Crafted with precision and expertise, our Running Board Reinforcements are made from premium-grade 1.2mm metal, guaranteeing long-lasting strength and resistance. Every detail has been carefully designed to maintain the original shape, making them the perfect addition to any vintage Split Beetle restoration project.

This is the shorter version of the reinforcements which were used on all Beetles from 1939 until early 1949 in conjunction with the longer reinforcements.

Our reinforcements feature a Left and Right side since they have to follow the curve on your running board in order to fit properly. Sold in pairs.

If you prefer not to get into the trouble of having to weld these yourself you can purchase our complete running boards which reproduce every single detail of the originals. They are ready for paint and simply bolt in!

While inner reinforcements were original only used on early Beetles up to 1953, however you can use these on any later car running boards as well as they make the part much stronger and reliable. In fact, we strongly believe they should have never been dropped!

By using high-quality and period-correct sheet metal parts, you can retain the authenticity and value of your classic car while also ensuring its safety and longevity. So, whether you are a collector, a restorer, or a classic car enthusiast, it's crucial to invest in the best possible parts for your vehicle.


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