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Rear Apron, Beetle, Oval & Early Square Window, 1955-60

Rear Apron, Beetle, Oval & Early Square Window, 1955-60


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Inner Valance

Introducing a must for your late Oval or early Square Window Beetle up to 1960: our meticulously crafted "H" pattern Rear Apron. Designed for cars with a dual tip muffler, this product is die stamped and crafted from 1mm sheet metal, with every curve and radius an exact match for your classic vehicle.

Our Rear Apron is also accompanied by the metal strip for the rubber decklid seal already spot welded to the part, ensuring a secure and snug fit.

The late "H" pattern rear apron also features a heat shield for extra protection from heat coming from the muffler.

Since not everybody needs it we decided to offer our apron with or without the inner valance and this can optionally be added to the purchase.

With a commitment to authenticity, our Rear Apron has been reproduced using a NOS counterpart, replicating the original in every way. The result is a genuine DKB masterpiece that offers both form and function, and is available to you directly from the source.

Invest in the best for your classic vehicle with our Rear Apron - the perfect finishing touch for a truly authentic restoration.

By using high-quality and period-correct sheet metal parts, you can retain the authenticity and value of your classic car while also ensuring its safety and longevity. So, whether you are a collector, a restorer, or a classic car enthusiast, it's crucial to invest in the best possible parts for your vehicle.


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