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Front Bumper Bracket, Bus, 1955-58, Right

Front Bumper Bracket, Bus, 1955-58, Right


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Front Bumper Bracket for Bus from 1955 until 1958. Left side.

Correct original thickness sheet metal and quality powder coated. Ready to mount.

The most important and apparent detail when it comes to Bus Bumper Brackets is for them to have the correct bend radius as it will be exposed to the outside and be very noticeable by everyone. Compare our radiuses to other vendors before deciding your purchase. They will tell you they are correct but they are not. That is because you need to make an actual die to stamp the metal on the bracket and not only use an industrial bending machine to make them look similar. But a stamping die costs a lot of money so they choose the short path. They will probably work with some adjustments but won't be period correct.

All of our bumper brackets are made of spring steel and quality powder coated. Ready to install in your Bus.


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