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Front Apron, Beetle, 2 Finger, 1965-67

Front Apron, Beetle, 2 Finger, 1965-67


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The Front Apron for the VW Beetle with the specific 2 Finger Design used from 1965 until 1967 only is a precision-engineered automotive replacement part that has been crafted to the highest standards of quality and durability.

Our Apron is made from 1mm sheet metal and has been precision die-stamped to ensure a consistent and accurate product as well as a perfect fit for your classic Beetle.  Using a NOS (New Old Stock) as an example, this front apron has been made with attention to detail to match 100% the original counter-piece.

Our Front Apron is also accompanied by the metal strip for the rubber decklid seal already spot welded to the part, ensuring a secure and snug fit.

By using high-quality and period-correct sheet metal parts, you can retain the authenticity and value of your classic car while also ensuring its safety and longevity. So, whether you are a collector, a restorer, or a classic car enthusiast, it's crucial to invest in the best possible parts for your vehicle.


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